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Ford Begins Production of New Powershift 6-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission for 2011 Fiesta

Ford has begun production of the new PowerShift dual-clutch six-speed automatic transmission (earlier post) for the 2011 Ford Fiesta. Ford is committed to six-speed transmissions, with availability across 85% of its nameplates for 2010. By 2013, these six-speed transmissions will be offered in 100% of Ford vehicles.

The dual dry-clutch PowerShift automatic transmission is based on efficient manual transmission technology, eliminating the additional weight and complexity of a torque converter, planetary gears and the fluid pumps employed in traditional automatics. Electronically controlled, twin internal clutches shift gears quickly and smoothly, providing a seamless flow of torque.

The PowerShift automatic is produced for Ford by GETRAG Americas, a joint venture between the GETRAG Group and GETRAG FORD Transmissions. The transmission is built at a new facility in Irapuato, Mexico. The assembly plant was designed and constructed specifically for Ford transmission needs in North America and will also supply PowerShift units for the new Ford Focus.

The Fiesta is the second new Ford vehicle to deliver better fuel economy using an automatic transmission rather than a manual. The new six-speed automatic in the 2011 Mustang Coupe betters the highway fuel economy of the standard six-speed manual by 2 mpg.

Traditionally, manual transmissions have delivered higher fuel economy. Ford’s latest automatic transmission advancements have reversed the older scenario, using advanced technology to provide customers with improved efficiency and the convenience of an automatic transmission.


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