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JAMA Chairman Says Meeting Japan Low Carbon Vehicle Targets Will Require Ongoing Government Support

Nikkei. Meeting Japan’s goal of boosting sales of hybrid and other low-carbon vehicles to 20-50% of the overall domestic total by 2020 will be difficult to achieve without government support, according to Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association Chairman Satoshi Aoki.

Aoki is also chairman of Honda Motor Co.

“The sales share of hybrid and other next-generation vehicles rose to slightly above 10% in fiscal 2009, but that was due to subsidies and tax breaks,” Aoki said at a regular press conference. And without government support, this share “will remain just a little better than the current level even in 2020,” he predicted.



There are two sure ways to boost electrified vehicles sales:

1) Mandate all government departments and corporations to switch to EVs, starting now at 10% to 20% of their fleet per year.

2) Over charge all ICE units with progressive higher registration fees, progressive higher sale taxes and fuel taxes and use all those new revenues for generous incentives to buy EVs.


The chickens are coming home to roost.

So the answer is mamndate, mandate, and more mandate.

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