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ARIES Biodiesel System Delivered to Naval Base Ventura County

The first ARIES (Automated Real-time, Remote, Integrated Energy System) biodiesel production system has been delivered to Naval Base Ventura County. ARIES is the result of a collaborative effort by the US Navy, Biodiesel Industries and Aerojet to produce biodiesel using local resources. (Earlier post.)

ARIES is a highly automated, transportable biodiesel production unit that can be controlled from a remote location. These features ensure reliable process control and optimal production yields in a sustainable system that can be readily and widely deployed.

ARIES incorporates Aerojet’s systems control technologies to provide real-time sensing and management of key chemistry and processing parameters. These technologies, coupled with Biodiesel Industries’ production database, allow automation of the entire process, resulting in enhanced yields, reliable quality control and personnel safety assurance. Remote sensing also enables monitoring and operation from a single data and process control center for biodiesel production facilities in numerous locations around the world.

The capacity of the Modular Production Unit (MPU) is 3-10 million gallons per year. A ruggedized 100,000 gallon Mini-MPU is available for military use.



This is such a GREAT idea. The military uses copious amounts of diesel...if these could be installed at every major military installation, with conversion of all petrodiesel vehicles to biodiesel (or dual fuel capability to utilize biodiesel), there would be a lot of benefits (energy independence, more support for American jobs, etc)

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