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Beijing To Extend Vehicle Restriction Rule for 2 More Years

Xinhua. Beijing will implement a new two-year vehicle restriction rule on 11 April, immediately following the expiration of the current one-year restriction, according to the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau. The new restriction will be identical to the current one, which bans private cars in Beijing’s urban areas one work-day a week.

More than 90 percent of 2,562 surveyed Beijing residents, including 1,549 car owners and 1,013 who didn’t own a car, supported the restriction, according to a recent survey of polling company Horizon Research.

Most of the surveyed supported the restriction because it helped to relieve traffic jams and benefits the environment, according to the survey. The average driving speed in Beijing at rush hours has risen by about 15 percent after the vehicle restrictions were implemented, said Guo Jifu, head of the Beijing Transportation Research Center.


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