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Report: New China Policies to Favor, Boost Domestic EVs

A new plan from China’s government, anticipated to be unveiled in the next few months, will boost domestically-produced electric vehicles, according to a report in China Daily.

According to the plan, electric cars that qualify for subsidies are those that have received government’s production license and are assembled in China, regardless of whether made by domestic or joint-venture firms. The industry sources said that imported electric cars would have little hope of benefiting from the policy in the initial stages.

Zero emission pure electric cars would be the preferred technological paths for new energy cars in China, which would be reflected in the stimulus plan, said sources. Other technical options include hybrid, fuel cells and hydrogen fuel new energy vehicles. “The government’s stimulus policy, which will be released soon, will focus mainly on promotion of pure electric cars,” said Xu Changming, a senior economist of State Information Center, a thinktank under the National Development and Reform Commission.



By this policy China will ensure early development and LOCAL mass production of EVs. In other words, if you want the sell EVs in China, produce them in China. Such policies have (and are still) been used by most countries for centuries.

Most large and mid-size countries will probably do the same. Subsidies and hand-outs can be directed to benefit local producers.


This country is committing economic suicide by totalitarian behaviors like censorship:

They are being taught the harsh lesson of our technological times - the world will see everything you do. Censorship attempts to hide inconvenient truth and opinion from citizens. Not only does this policy fail, it alienates the rest of the world who wonder, 'what is China afraid of??'

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