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ClipperCreek and Silver Spring Networks Develop Level 2 EVSE Smart Charging Station

ClipperCreek, Inc., a leading producer of plug-in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and Silver Spring Networks, a leading Smart Grid solutions provider, have jointly developed the first fully integrated, Level 2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) smart charging station.

The companies are currently working with a variety of utilities to develop hardware and software needed to effectively manage the smart charging of electric vehicles.

The ClipperCreek EVSE is fully integrated with the Silver Spring Smart Energy Platform and enables end-to-end connectivity from the utility back office to the smart charging station. Utilities and municipalities looking to roll out electric vehicle charging infrastructure can now integrate ClipperCreek’s Smart Grid-networked charging stations into their demand management systems.

Connecting charging stations to the Smart Grid will enable utilities and consumers to intelligently manage the charging load, keeping costs low and reduce the need to build additional generation capacity.

ClipperCreek produced more than 2,000 chargers in 2009 and is the exclusive provider of EVSE chargers for BMW’s Mini-E and for Tesla Motors’ Level 2 EVSE charging stations. ClipperCreek also provides chargers to power Mercedes, GM and Nissan vehicles.

Silver Spring’s Smart Energy Platform is based on open, Internet Protocol (IP) standards, allowing continuous, two-way communication between the utility and devices on the grid. Silver Spring has numerous deployments with leading utilities in the US and abroad, including Florida Power & Light, Pacific Gas & Electric, Pepco Holdings, Inc., Jemena Electricity Networks Limited and United Energy Distribution, among others.


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