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Alternative Fuel Technologies, Inc. Receives New Order for DME Feed Pumps From Shanghai Diesel Engine Company

Alternative Fuel Technologies, Inc. has built and delivered 12 dimethyl ether (DME) feed pumps to Shanghai Diesel Engine Company. These pumps will be used on DME fueled buses that will operate in Shanghai. The value of this order is confidential.

The company developed this first generation feed pump several years ago and has sold units into Korea, to the Korean Institute for Energy Research, and to a European engine manufacturer.

A second-generation unit that further improves performance and significantly lowers noise has been demonstrated and is undergoing final development.

Shanghai Diesel Engine Company is owned by Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation (SAIC), one of the top three automotive corporations in China.

Alternative Fuel Technologies, Inc. is a research & development organization engaged in the design, development and prototype manufacturing of advanced fuel systems for use with DME. The Company has developed practical, low-cost fuel injection equipment for DME fueled vehicles and currently provides complete DME fuel systems for testing and research purposes in addition to retrofit systems that can be used with most diesel engines.

The company’s ultima goal is series production of DME fuel systems for the global automotive market by 2011.

Dimethyl ether is a diesel fuel replacement that can be produced from abundant resources including natural gas, landfill methane, coal and biomass. At current oil prices, DME can be produced and distributed at less than 1/2 the cost of conventional fuel. When burned in a diesel engine, all soot emissions are eliminated and NOx emissions are lowered significantly without the use of expensive exhaust aftertreatment devices.


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