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Pre-order of Nissan LEAF in Japan Reaches 3,754 Units in 3 Weeks; 64% from Individuals, Skewing to Older Buyers

Pre-orders of Nissan LEAF in Japan reached 3,754 units in the three weeks after launching the pre-order process on 1 April. This exceeds half of its sales target for FY2010, which is 6,000 units.

Individual account for 64% of the pre-orders, Nissan said, while fleet orders represent 36%.

Of the individuals, older consumers (age 50 and higher) account for 61% of the orders, with those older than 60 accounting for 35%. Individuals in their 40s represent 24% of the orders; individuals in their 30s, 13%; and those in their 20s, 2%.



People over 50 will be the majority in many industrial countries soon.
It seems that wisdom comes with age.


Actually, Harvey, I think it's money.


Also owning rather than renting, and having commutes which don't include lots of kid-related errands.



If your assumption is correct, the Leaf could be a top seller in our area because elders have more money (and wisdom) and clean electricity is cheap and plenty. Our cold winters may be a problem.

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