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Neste Oil Begins Trials of 100% Renewable Diesel in Passenger Cars; Planning Retail Rollout in Finland

Neste Oil has begun trials of Neste Green 100 diesel—a renewable drop-in hydrocarbon replacement for diesel, not biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters)—in cars in Finland. The trial will include private individuals and Neste Oil employees.

Test drivers from outside the company will trial Neste Green 100 diesel from mid-May to Midsummer, while test drivers recruited from the company’s employees have begun today and will continue after Midsummer. Drivers will fill up at selected Neste Oil service stations in Greater Helsinki.

“This is the first time anywhere that a premium renewable diesel fuel will be tested across a range of different cars.”
—Sakari Toivola, Neste Oil Executive Vice President, Oil Retail

Previous trials have shown that Neste Oil’s renewable diesel offers significant advantages compared to conventional biodiesel. (Earlier post.) The fuel’s greenhouse gas emissions over its entire life cycle are 40-80% lower than those of fossil diesel, and its tailpipe emissions are also lower.

The majority of Neste Oil stations in Finland already offer Neste Green diesel, which contains a minimum of 10% renewable diesel blended with conventional diesel fuel. [Earlier post.] We plan to make Neste Green 100 diesel, which is produced from 100% renewable sources, available to motorists as soon as possible.

—Sakari Toivola

Neste Green 100 diesel is a 100% biofuel that contains NExBTL renewable diesel (earlier post) and an additive package designed for Finnish conditions to keep engines clean, protect them from corrosion, prevent foaming, and promote lubrication.

NExBTL is based on the high-pressure hydrogenation of fatty acids. The product is a synthetic diesel fuel, free of oxygen and aromatic compounds. Side products include propane and gasoline. The process can use a flexible input of any vegetable oil or animal fat to produce a product with characteristics similar to Fischer-Tropsch output.

Neste has two major NExBTL plants, each with an annual capacity of 800,000 tonnes, under construction: one in Singapore is due onstream in the second half of this year; the other, in Rotterdam, is due online in the summer of 2011. Two plants at its main Porvoo refinery, each with a capacity of 150,000 tonnes per year, are currently onstream.

Although Neste Green 100 diesel is currently only available for trial purposes, the plan is to make it available for consumer use at a later date. The product complies with the draft CWA15940 standard.



Like to know where their feedstock comes from.


We just can't seem to get away from devices powered by ineffecient ICEs. The ICE and it nasty polluting effects is like a squid with all it tentacles wrapped around the world.

We must support EVs, as that's the only pry bar we have to loosen this deadly squid's hold.

Buy EVs if your needs will fit that solution!


I'm all for electrified ground transport but you can't run jets on electricity.


Laws should be enacted which make it illegal to heat homes in winter and air condition in the summer. Also no roads should be cleared of snow in the winter as bare roads absorb sunlight more than when snow covered thus contributing to climate change. Only bicycles are to be used for transportation. This mandate should first apply to all green activists. Later on to the general population. Air travel and air freight transport must be stopped. No artificial fertilizers to be used for food production.


@ Ben, you can run aircraft on lithium-air instead of kerosene-air for only a small weight penalty.

(11,600 Wh/kg vs 11,900 Wh/kg for each fuel respectively, although electric fan-jets are likely to be much more efficient than existing jet turbines).


haha I like Mannstein's ideas...and @Lad where do you think your electricity comes from? I know mine comes from coal and how efficient/clean are those power plants?

Henry Gibson

Coal should be used to make jet fuel right now and electricity should be generated by nuclear energy. a large portion of the energy needed to make jet fuel from coal can also be produced from nuclear energy. ..HG..

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