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American Express Offering Cardholders Chance to Buy Fusion Hybrid for Half Price

American Express’ online marketplace Daily Wish will offer the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid for half price ($14,337, regularly $28,675) on 20 May.

Daily Wish is dedicated to providing American Express Cardmembers with exclusive access to coveted products and experiences year-round. This summer, we want to help travelers hit the road with everything they need for an unforgettable family vacation, including a brand new Ford Fusion Hybrid for half-price.

—Cristina Scardino, vice president of US network marketing for American Express Merchant Services

All Daily Wish sales are conducted for a limited time, with a limited quantity available on a first-come, first-served basis.



Excellent marketing move to promote one of the best fuel economy Ford product. Wonder when Toyota (and other HEV producers) will do as much?

A GM Malibu HEV, whenever it comes out, could be a good contender.


I dual mode Malibu would be good. The BAS was not that effective and they discontinued it this year because they could not get reliable battery packs from Cobasys. (The spin off that Chevron created after Texaco bought NiMH rights from GM)


Innovative sell tactic. Good for both Ford and AExpress - half off price is damned good.

Henry Gibson

Limited number!!

We need a plug in hybrid from TATA. ..HG..


In a way, it might test the market for price sensitivity. Is the market on the high end with price premiums or at the low end with volume? As long as batteries are a major part of the cost structure per unit, they may need to have the price premium.

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