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California ARB Expands Assistance Program for Truckers to Reduce Diesel Emissions

The California Air Resources Board approved changes to an existing $28 million financial assistance program this week that will significantly help more California independent truckers qualify for the purchase of a cleaner-running vehicle.

The changes made to the statewide Voucher Incentive Program, also known as the VIP, will make funding available to a larger variety of trucks that will help owners comply early with the statewide truck and bus regulation passed in 2008. VIP, which is part of the Carl Moyer air quality program, is a streamlined, diesel on-road voucher program that helps the small independent truck owner get a cleaner-running truck sooner.

The program is geared to help small California-based fleets replace their older, polluting trucks with newer, cleaner models. Approximately $28 million is available through the program to fund truck replacements or exhaust retrofits statewide.

Specific changes to VIP are:

  • Medium heavy-duty trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 19,501 pounds and above now qualify. Previously, only heavy-heavy-duty trucks with a declared vehicle weight greater than 60,000 pounds qualified;

  • Trucks with mileage as low as 15,000 miles per year are now eligible. Previously, a truck had to operate a minimum of 30,000 miles per year or consume 4,700 gallons of diesel fuel per year during the previous two years;

  • High-mileage trucks can get up to $45,000 in voucher money. Previously, the maximum amount of a voucher was $35,000;

  • Trucks with 2002 and older engines may qualify for a newer truck. Previously, only trucks with 1993 and older engines were eligible; and,

  • New funding option of up to $10,000 per truck for an exhaust retrofit.

VIP is part of the state’s overall plan to cut toxic diesel emissions 85 percent by 2020. In December 2008, ARB adopted statewide clean truck and bus regulations to bring California closer to meeting federally mandated air-quality standards and deadlines. California is currently working toward meeting clean-air standards for ozone and particulate matter emissions.


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