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BMW will offer a full hybrid version of its new 5 Series as early as next year, according to Dr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, speaking at the company’s 90th Annual General Meeting today in Munich. BMW presented the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid—its first combination of a BMW straight-six with electric drive—at the Geneva show this year. (Earlier post.)

The company is also anticipating the hybridization of further models series, such as the BMW 3 Series, Reithofer said. BMW currently has launched two hybrids into series production, the X6 and the 7 Series.

So our state-of-the-art BMW ActiveHybrid technology has made the leap into series production. Our top priority is the large model series because this is where the savings potential is greatest.

The public perceives hybrid as a sign of eco-friendliness, despite the fact that diesel engines are often much more efficient. In Japan, for instance, the government has adopted a proposal to offer tax credits for hybrid vehicles. This has had a phenomenal effect on the market. Sales of hybrid vehicles have skyrocketed. If you don’t have a hybrid in your portfolio, soon you might not be selling any cars in Japan at all.

—Dr. Reithofer

Reithofer also said that the time is ripe for the broad-based application of electric vehicle technology. Based on responses so far from the international MINI-E test program, he said, BMW has concluded that:

  • Many enthusiastic customers for e-mobility already exist today.
  • There is no need to wait until conditions are ideal for e-mobility, with a network of electric fillings stations in place, etc. “We can implement e-mobility today.

The Megacity Vehicle will be the BMW Group’s first series-produced electric vehicle. The vehicle will launched in 2013 as a BMW sub-brand, and will be built in Germany. Leipzig will become the Competence Center for E-Mobility in Production. Two Bavarian sites, Wackersdorf and Landshut, will be involved in this project as well.

Reithofer highlighted two key partnerships for the realization of the Megacity vehicle: the joint venture with SGL Carbon for carbon fiber, and the cooperation with SB Limotive for high-performance lithium-ion batteries.



This is great - BMW can use their engineering expertise to build "greener" cars (or low CO2 cars) while maintaining their performance.

I am sure the engineers get a biger kick from taking 10 gms/km out of the spec, rather than shaving another 0.1 second off the 0-60 times. (The cars are fast enough as it is {by quite a margin} ).

A hybrid 520D would be very nice for Europe, but the Americans might want a larger engine (530 for instance).

If you have to compete on a number (very important for men) it is better that it is gms of CO2, rather than top speed or 0-60 times.


Ten years ago, hybrids were said to be a "fad" and Toyota was losing money on every car. Now companies are seeing that people buy them and they are first to be second. That is fine, but 1% of the cars on the road getting 30% better mileage will not reduce imported oil.


BMW's direction seems to be overweight, overpowered, old school, irrelevant. They don't get it. Mercedes more or less the same.


No, BMW gets it perfectly I think. Their target market is small compared to the overall automotive market, but they're very successful within it. What they're trying to do here is appeal to those people who would otherwise buy an overpowered luxury/performance car, but don't want their ecologically correct friends (or children) to think poorly of them.


They can get the price premium and still have performance. The Honda Accord V6 hybrid did not do well, but perhaps for different reasons. BMW sells to a different crowd and these are different times.


Lower gms/CO2/Km will not sell well in USA unless in could be visible or had a way to make the vehicle look pricy, bigger and faster.

My vehicle CO2 is lower than yours has no well being appeal unless it could be coupled with something that looks richer and more enviable to neighbors.

Roger Pham

Good move. Electric vehicle is the future, which starts with gas-electric hybrid today. A full HEV is already an EV just waiting for a larger and more affordable battery pack.


A series HEV is just an EV-in-waiting, but parallel hybrid drivetrains (e.g. Honda's IMA) are pretty definitely not.

I'm waiting for the luxe mfgrs to realize that electric gives them every selling point their market wants. Quiet. Responsive. Convenient (who likes going to filling stations?). Longer service intervals (well, dealers won't like it as much). And resale value is likely to be a lot higher too, as it represents a bet that fuel prices will climb... a bet almost certain to pay off.

We'll see if this is an epiphany, or greenwashing.

Account Deleted

The container present launched in 2013 as a BMW sub-brand, and leave be stacked in Deutschland. City testament embellish the Competence Halfway for E-Mobility in Creation.


"Lower gms/CO2/Km will not sell well in USA unless in could be visible or had a way to make the vehicle look pricy, bigger and faster."

CO2 does not now and will not ever sell cars. Fuel efficiency will. All Electric Range will. Value will. EP is correct. EVs have all the components luxury brands tout. And they're green, and less "messy" - no volatile fuels to hand pump into the nasty ol gas tank, etc.



I'm 300% in favour of EVs, and PHEVs as a temporary 10-year step leading to pure EVs.

There is no doubt that improved storage units will allow quick charge longer e-range vehicles by 2020-2025 to compete with ICE units.

Electrification of most if not all transportation means (with the exception of large aircraft) will come and cleaner electricity production will not be far behind.

The days of quiet e-cars, e-trucks, e-motor bikes, e-boats, e-buses, e-taxis etc are not that far away.

richard schumacher

Are any of these Diesel hybrids?

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