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40 BYD e6-Based Electric Taxis Enter Service in Shenzhen City

Xinhua. Forty battery-electric taxis-based on BYD’s e6—officially entered service in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Shenzhen is the first city to officially put electric taxis in operation in China, according to Hu Jianping, president of Shenzhen Bus Group (SBG) at the launch ceremony.

Wang Chuanfu, chief executive of BYD, said that the five passenger e6 has a maximum speed of 140 km/h (87 mph); consumes 21.5 kWh per 100 km; and can run about 300 km on one charge.

The electric taxis are being operated by Pengcheng Electric Taxi Co., Ltd, a joint venture of BYD and SBG.

BYD plans to have 100 E6 taxis on Shenzhen’s roads by the end of June. The company expects to start selling E6 cars to the United States through its headquarters in Los Angeles later this year, [Wang] said. Wang said BYD would try to roll out E6 in the European market in February 2011, but gave no details.

BYD received government approval to produce the e6, which is powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries, in January.



Shake down EV taxis in Tokyo, China, and counting..


Correct me if I'm wrong, but at 21.5 Kwh per 100 Km this vehicle would need a 65 Kwh battery to go 300 Km between charges. That is a fair size battery?


BYD makes batteries, which may be one reason why Warren Buffet invested in them. Chrysler had the EPIC minivan in the 1990s powered by NiMH batteries with quick charge shuttling people around airports. If worked well but was just a test and went no further.


Yes, that's a big honkin' battery. It's bigger than the one in the Tesla Roadster. It's also a rather high energy consumption (215 Wh/km = 325 Wh/mi).

Whatever the Chinese are, they are not fools. They know what's happening to the world supply of oil. They are making preparations. Those of us who don't will suffer.


I believe one of the best uses for fossil fuels is to develop alternative resources. Battery plants, EVs and synthetic fuels plants are a good use for fossil fuels to use less of them.

If you only have a finite supply of fossil fuels, you want to develop methods to use less of them by using them to develop alternatives. This makes sense and buys time for further alternative developments so that we do not get stuck in a bind.


China is also increasing clean energy production at a very high rate. They were not number one in both Solar and Wind energy increase last year. China will probably top all countries with electrified vehicles and battery production + clean energy production by 2011/2012 to keep their economy going at 2 digit rate.

Henry Gibson

The fastest build of a large nuclear reactor was done in China in a little more than four years.

Uranium is not a fossil fuel. Thorium is three or more times as abundant. The human race will not be able to use all of the uranium in the ocean even, before the earth is swallowed and fried by the expanding sun in four or five billion years. ..HG..

Henry Gibson

I hope that some taxi stands will have charging arrangements. It is indeed a big battery. ..HG..

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