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Report: China’s New-Energy Vehicle Subsidy Plan to Be Tested in 5 Cities Rather Than Nationwide

China Daily. China’s incentive plan for private purchases of new-energy vehicles may be introduced by the end of this month and will be tested in five cities, rather than nationwide, according to a report in the Shanghai Securities News.

The five cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Wuhan, the report said.

According to earlier media reports, the incentives for new-energy vehicles would be very similar to last year’s pilot project for public sector buyers—private electric car buyers in certain selected cities could get incentives of up to 60,000 yuan ($8,787.86).

However, if the subsidy plan is applied to only a few cities, it won’t fully boost the new-energy vehicle consumption in China, said Kevin Wale, GM China’s president and chief executive. Chinese consumers need some time to get familiar with driving new-energy vehicles, and the construction of charging stations also will take time, he added.



ANOTHER field trial.

China takes what was to be an "oil use reduction effort" and turn it into a test.

" . . will be tested in five cities, rather than nationwide . ."

Like they care about the acceptance.

The EV is not yet here.


A very wise decision to maximize early impacts on air quality in their 5 largest most polluted cities while testing first generation EVs. The rest of the country can do it latter. USA and EU could learn a lot from the Chinese approach. Will we?

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