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ClipperCreek Delivering First UL-listed SAE-Compatible Charging Station

ClipperCreek has begun delivering the first UL-listed, fully SAE-compliant charging station on the market. The ClipperCreek CS-40 charge stations are the only stations available for immediate delivery that have been tested and met the requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC625).

The CS-40 (30 Amp charge rate) line of charge stations from ClipperCreek is in compliance with NEC625 and SAE-J1772, which ensures its compatibility with the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt, Ford Fusion BEV and all vehicles coming from major automakers.

While it is exciting to have one station that can charge all new OEM vehicles, the most important thing is the safety listing of the units. To the best of our knowledge this is the only station that is certified to be installed in the US.

—ClipperCreek CEO, Jason France

ClipperCreek has a line of UL listed products suited for use in residential as well as public charging settings. These units are designed to be installed either with a free-standing pedestal or on an existing structure or wall.



Uhh, Coloumb has been installing chargers throughout the US for the last year.

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