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The “Gasser” CNG Hot Rod. Click to enlarge.

The WJ Daytech/AFVTech CNG Hot Rod made its debut at the recent Alternative Fuels and Vehicles (AF&V 2010) show in Las Vegas. (Earlier post.) Based on a 1933 Ford Roadster, this Hot Rod is intended to showcase the possibilities and the performance of using natural gas in a fun and unique way.

Featuring a naturally aspirated CNG-fueled LS-7 GM Crate Engine built by Bob Santinoli with Riolo Racing engines and a 6-speed automatic transmission by TCI (with steering-mounted paddle shifters), the CNG Hot Rod delivers more than 600 bhp.

Based on engine power and gear ratios, the estimated acceleration from 0-60 mph is 2.5 seconds, with 0-100 mph in less than 5 seconds. At the same time, the team expects to hit an emissions target of EPA bin 3, according to Kevin Fern, president of AFVTech. The team will be doing time trials and emissions testing for verified results.

Some of the features of the high-tech hot-rod are:

  • The exhaust pipes contain 4 catalytic converters (2 on each side) with pre- and post-catalyst oxygen sensors, giving the hot rod full engine OBD diagnostics and compliance. (Any scan tool that has CAN protocol can link to this vehicle and retrieve data.)
  • Selectable traction control.
  • Electric steering.
  • Electric water pump, and axle-mounted Delphi alternator (leaving nothing but the crankshaft turning in the front of the engine) sending all that HP to the wheels.
  • 2010 GM e-38 engine processor, calibrations via Fern at AFVTech.
  • 4 10x33 Luxfer CNG cylinders, 10.4 GGE capacity, for an estimated. range of 200+ miles.
  • Electronic cylinder valves by OMB, powered by the E-38 fuel pump circuit.
  • Carbon Fiber HRE racing wheels.
  • Aircraft style gauges.

The car also features tilt steering, power doors and hood, and power windows, along with a hard top and Duvall-style windshield for the convertible setup. Headers are by Don Lemmons, and the body was painted by Loose endz body shop.

Shot of the CNG-fueled LS-7. Click to enlarge.   Fuel tanks. Click to enlarge.



"..0-60 mph is 2.5 seconds, with 0-100 mph in less than 5 seconds.." - now that's some gas..


That's some engine! The LS-7 GM Crate Engine is 6.2 litres, you can pump a lot of NG through one of those.

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