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GM India Launches CNG Version of Chevrolet Aveo

General Motors India recently launched the CNG version of its Chevrolet Aveo mid-size sedan. The Aveo CNG is a bi-fuel vehicle with a full-size gasoline tank.

The running cost of the CNG Aveo is approximately 54% lower than a similar vehicle powered by gasoline and 25% lower than a similar vehicle powered by diesel, according to GM. Under normal driving conditions, the Aveo CNG has a range of 180 to 200 kilometers (112 to 124 miles) on a full tank of CNG and is BS IV compliant.

The Chevrolet Aveo CNG is equipped with next-generation computer-controlled CNG injection technology from Italy. All “critical to quality” CNG kit components are fitted at the factory—including the CNG injectors, selector switch, modified wiring and suspension. In addition, the body is reinforced to carry the additional mass of the cylinder. Sequential injection represents the most advanced level of evolution of CNG kit technology. The ECU (Electronic Controller Unit) calculates the opening times of the injectors for each cylinder and acts separately on each gas injector with the highest precision.

Hardened valve seats and anodized pistons are used in the proven 1.4-liter VGIS (Variable Geometry Intake System) gasoline engine. This ensures no engine damage or reliability issues in CNG mode.

GM India engineers have done extensive testing and validation of the Aveo CNG. The Chevrolet Aveo CNG comes with a three-year/100,000-km standard warranty, which is an industry first in the mid-size sedan segment, and a service interval of 5,000 km or six months (whichever comes first). During the run of the Aveo in pure CNG mode will not impact the vehicle warranty.


Sanity Chk

Wouldn't it be grand if GM offered the CNG Aveo around the world, with an option to buy a natural gas compressor/refueling station for use at home?


I would take an FFV where the NG is turned into methanol locally.


If you used a mild hybrid with a small li-ion battery and could fit it all under the bonnet you could still use the rear for CNG storage and you would get 20-40% better milage.

ANG tanks could be any shape and built into the structure of a vehicle to provide the storage.


ANG is a good idea, but we could convert 50 million cars to FFV and use M85 much more cost effectively than wait 30 years for the whole fleet of road cars to become PHEV.


I was expecting another chorus of “The evil GM will keep this gem from the US market”.

I forgot that GM is now Gum-mint Motors.

In reality, I wish (but cannot see any way) some entity could affordably bring in and offer all manner of mini eco-friendly vehicles, from wherever, to help swing popularity to such vehicles.

I blindly assume not – safety and utility (for all "needs") would still be low (and contrary to some dreamers dreams - people are not sheep) – and such an operation, including after market support etc would likely be expensive and ineffective.

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