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Corvus Energy and Dow Kokam Sign Exclusive Contract for Sales of Lithium Polymer Cells to Marine Markets

Corvus Energy, a provider of lithium-ion battery systems developed specifically for the marine propulsion market, has entered into an exclusive distributor contract with Dow Kokam for sales of its advanced lithium polymer cells to the marine industry.

Corvus will combine its proprietary battery management system with Dow Kokam cells to provide an alternative to traditional lead-acid battery technology.

Dow Kokam’s patented lithium polymer Z fold cell structure technology allows higher energy density, higher discharge rates and a longer cycle life than any other cell manufacturer.

—Corvus Energy CEO Brent Perry

Perry said Corvus Energy’s Systems provide a viable complement or alternative to conventional propulsion systems in tugs and other working vessels.



If this is successful, one can wonder how long it will take local residents to ban noisy polluting ICE boats and crafts from small lakes.

That would be a major step towards better living.

Henry Gibson

ZEBRA batteries can deliver more robust cells and batteries with similar energy densities and the weight issue is not as critical in boats as it is in automobiles. ZEBRA batteries have been under test for over 15 years, and no lithium units have had nearly such complete testing. ZEBRA batteries are being used as the principal power supply in the completed NATO submarine rescue submersible. Several related large installations of sodium-sulphur batteries have been made for grid support or wind energy storage.

ZEBRA type batteries have been tested in hybrid railroad locomotives and mining trucks, and factories are being built for their production in the US.

No battery technology ever proposed even can match the energy convenience and density of liquid fuels with air. ..HG..


Maybe Henry has an excellent application for ZEBRA properties.


You do know zebra batteries arnt all that effiecent dont you?


GE finds ZEBRA efficient enough to move trains. I just can't see the molten salt/temperatures in cars.

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