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Epyon, a European developer and marketer of smart charging solutions for the emerging electric vehicle (EV) market, opened the first commercial Level III fast charging station in Europe.

The fast-charging station delivers 50 kW of power which can fully charge the 9-person taxi-vans of Taxi Kijlstra in 30 minutes. Taxi Kijlstra, the largest taxi firm in the north of the Netherlands, recently transformed two of their taxi fleet into electric powered vehicles. The taxi-vans can drive 100km or more on a single fast charge. Friesland has an ambitious target of having 100,000 EVs on the road within the next five years.

Epyon’s fast-charging station is commercially operated by Dutch utility company Essent, part of RWE. The fast-charging station is located at the Tamoil gasoline station in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

The intelligent charging stations are remotely configured, managed and maintained through Epyon’s Power-Routing network. A single fast charging station can operate several compact outlets so multiple EV’s can be charged simultaneously from a single charging station. The charging station in Leeuwarden and all future stations of Epyon support the international CHAdeMO standard (earlier post).


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