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Americans’ support for increased offshore drilling has declined significantly since the Deepwater Horizon incident in April, to the point that the public is now about evenly divided on the issue, according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll. The poll also found that 50% are in favor and 46% opposed on increased drilling for oil and gas off US coasts.

However, most stop short of favoring a prohibition on drilling, as, on a follow-up question, 19% of Americans say they are opposed to all drilling in US coastal areas.

A Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll conducted in early April—before the spill occurred—asked the same question of registered voters and found 70% favoring increased drilling in US coastal areas. That number dipped to 60% in early May, shortly after the oil spill occurred.

Since April, Democratic voters’ support for increased coastal oil drilling has fallen well below the majority level. Independent voters’ support has also declined significantly, but remains just above a majority in the latest poll. Meanwhile, there has been just a slight decline in the percentage of Republican voters who are in favor of increased drilling.



I think the reality is that a radical expansion of offshore drilling isn't necessary, especially given the BEV's on the horizon and rapidly developing improvements in battery technology. On the other hand, there isn't widespread use & production of BEV's yet, nor is there anything that matches the economics of gasoline yet, especially for the masses (including lower income people).


Is Drill Baby Drill going downward?

It is amazing to see how one single disaster can move attitude, at least for a very short time.

Chris Jensen

If the US fleet averaged 50 mpg we could run half this country on ethanol.


Offshore drill baby drill is going down in flames...onshore drill baby drill, especially for natural gas and also for crude using CO2 injection, is alive and well.


We could run half the cars on M85 and only increase NG consumption 10%. Since 85% of the NG is domestic and the rest comes from Canada, we can reduce oil imports significantly.


Offshore drills are going to be banned again. Maybe the higher insurance and PR costs will make big oils pass on increases. It should since oil hates to have to pay for anything themselves.

Higher oil and gas means more reason to buy EVs. The upside of oil spills.


Yes, we often need a two or three disasters to react.

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