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Mitsubishi Chemical Increasing Li-ion NMC Cathode Material Production 3.7x

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is increasing its production capacity of lithium-ion battery cathode materials some 3.7 times, from 600 tons per year to 2,200 tons per year.

Mitsubishi is manufacturing nickel-cobalt-manganese materials with a lower cobalt ratio (about 10%) than typical (usually about Ni:Mn:Co = 1:1:1, or about 33% cobalt content).

Mitsubishi Chemical makes all four of the major components of a lithium-ion battery: cathode, anode, separator and electrolyte.

Mitsubishi also recently announced that it had established a joint venture in China for the production of spherical graphite for use in Li-ion battery anode materials.



I'm not too keen on the chemistry. Not only is cobalt very nasty stuff, it is expensive.


yup, but 10% is weight meaning ~16% in moles (a 1:1:1 has only 20% weight cobalt)


Chemistry used will evolve with battery technology. Batteries composition may be very different 10 or 20 years from now.


Mitsubishi will likely benefit from the expanded production of Nissan EV batteries if not with current chemistry, some future chemistry.

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