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BMW Group Taking Applications for MINI-E Trial Drivers in Munich

The BMW Group has begun accepting applications for drivers to participate in the electric MINI-E trial in Munich, a joint project of the BMW Group, Siemens and the Stadtwerke München (SWM).

Applicants must be resident in Munich or the surrounding area and have access to a private parking space. The monthly lease fee is €400 (US$517). The application period runs until 20 June, the handover of the vehicles will take place in September. More information and an application form is available online at

The large-scale field trial will use chargers provided by Siemens and renewable electricity from SWM.



The Mini-E has only 2 seats.

Why don't they make one with 3 seats and a smaller battery.

It would be slightly more practical (and lighter), but would have less range.

Just offer it as an option and see if people go for it.

Henry Gibson

No subsidies should be given to existing car companies that develop only very expensive electric cars so that the electric cars cannot compete with ordinary ones. ..HG..

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