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UK-based Optare PLC, a manufacturer of single and double-deck buses and mini coaches, has selected Valence Technology to be the exclusive supplier of batteries for its newest zero-emissions fleet bus, the fully electric Optare Solo EV. (Earlier post.)

Valence Technology has signed a three-year exclusive supply agreement with Optare, representing up to $3.8 million in battery system sales for Valence.

The Optare Solo EV bus features a 600-Volt Valence Technology U-Charge lithium phosphate battery system that powers the electric drivetrain. Housed on either side of the centrally mounted drivetrain, the Valence Technology advanced battery banks provide a total capacity of 85 kWh and can be recharged through regenerative braking while in transit, and plug-in power while at base.

Compared to fleet vehicles powered by traditional fuels, the Optare Solo EV electric buses stand to save local governments significant costs in routine maintenance each year.


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Will be very interesting to see how all the money the UK is pumping into the green buses helps adoption of evs. Optare seems like they are are in a good position to take advantage of it.


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