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Report: Sanyo Plans Mass Production of Li-ion Batteries for Plug-in Hybrids and EVs by Fiscal 2012; Targeting 40% Market Share by FY 2020

The Nikkei reports that Sanyo Electric plans to launch mass production of lithium ion batteries for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles by fiscal 2012 as part of a ¥200-billion investment (US$2.126 billion) over the next three years in rechargeable batteries and solar cells.

By beefing up production facilities, including a plant in Hyogo Prefecture, the company aims to capture 40% of the global market for green-car rechargeable batteries by fiscal 2020. It also plans to develop high-capacity lithium ion batteries for cellular phones and personal computers.

...The company aims to expand solution businesses that provide clean energy systems, consisting of rechargeable batteries, solar cells and other green technologies, with an eye toward launching them in the US and other foreign countries. It hopes to grow the solution businesses to be worth around 100 billion yen by fiscal 2015.



To capture 40% of the world market will not be easy or will it rather be 40% of the Japan market?


Mostly likely 40% of the world market.
They have had 100% of my companies battery cell business for many years and now they are on a "rampage" with their Li-ion products. No dought this has caught the attention of A123.


these level commitments are necessary to meet the rapid electrification challenge. A123 is building domestic facilities as should other US battery makers. A key need is to implement LOW COST manufacturing processes that can focus domestic production of batteries. Some of this is automation - other parts are proprietary process.

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