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Valence Technology to Provide Li-ion Packs for 16 Hybrid School Buses

Valence Technology will provide Li-ion battery packs for the new fleet of 16 hybrid-electric school buses built by Enova and Navistar intended for service in school districts across Wisconsin and Ohio.(Earlier post.) Enova has been a Valence customer since 2006.

Navistar’s CE Series school bus utilizes an 80 kW Enova Systems hybrid drive train and a 38 kWh Valence Technology lithium iron magnesium phosphate energy storage system. The plug-in hybrid-electric system improves fuel economy by up to 65% and reduces greenhouse gases by up to 39%.

Navistar, with a 61% share of the school bus market in North America, continues to utilize Enova’s hybrid-electric drivetrains and Valence Technology’s U-Charge dynamic energy systems that feature Valence Command & Control interactive logic in their hybrid-electric school buses. To date, there are dozens of Navistar IC hybrid school buses powered by Valence Technology in service at various school districts across 11 states.


Sanity Chk

Great move. Now finish the job by upgrading the diesel ICE part of the hybrid to run on LNG!

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