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Volvo Beginning Series Production of Hybrid Buses

After several years of field testing, Volvo Buses will now commence series production of its hybrid bus Volvo 7700 Hybrid and the double-decker Volvo B5L Hybrid. (Earlier post.) The hybrid bus will reduce fuel consumption by up to 35% and carbon emissions by an equal amount.

The 12-meter Volvo 7700 Hybrid bus is now being built in the company’s plant in Wroclaw, Poland and the chassis for the double-decker Volvo B5L Hybrid will be built in Borås, Sweden. The coaches for the double-deckers will be built by Wrightbus in Northern Ireland.

Volvo’s hybrid buses have a downsized diesel engine and an electric motor that can operate the bus independently or jointly. When the bus brakes, the brake energy is utilized and stored in a battery, which then drives the electric engine when the bus accelerates again.

With Volvo’s parallel technology, the engine switches off automatically at bus stops. The bus then restarts only with the help of the electric engine. The diesel engine does not start until the bus reaches 15-20 km/hour. This gives a quiet and exhaust-free environment at bus stops.




Sanity Chk

A good step, but I want to see these diesels being fueled by LNG, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and eliminating the nasty sulfur and particulates that diesel fuel creates when burned. Then I'll say "Great!"

Herm Perez

Not bad for just a 4.8kwh battery pack.. this must be the hybrid bus with the lowest cost hybrid premium in the market.


I see hybrid buses as a steping stone. They can make use of overhead power / charging as a future adaption. They could also make use of diesel / natural gas duel fuelling which can eventually be made from bio-methane meaning only a small amount of diesel would actually be used.


Since buses are fleet vehicles, you could fuel them with DME and run a small diesel genset. Put 20kWh worth of batteries and an 80kW genset and you could probably double the mileage, clean the air and reduce oil imports. Make the DME from biomass gasification synthesis gas and you are more CO2 neutral.

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