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Global Atlanta. The state-owned Chinese vehicle maker Ankai Automobile Co. Ltd. is developing a plug-in hybrid electric bus for the US market.

Ankai is China’s third-largest bus company; it has partnered since 1993 with Daimler Buses, producing Setra brand buses under license for the Chinese market.

Ankai is working with Efficient Drivetrains Inc. (EDI) in Palo Alto, CA to develop the plug-in hybrid’s drive train. EDI was co-founded by Professor Andy Frank at UC Davis, to commercialize plug-in vehicle drivetrain components. (Earlier post.)

Ankai aims to have a test model ready for the US by the end of this year, said Linda Wang of Ankai’s international business department.



Ankai/Daimler have produced excellent buses for almost 2 decades and their plug-in hybrid version should be just as good when is comes to the USA market latter this year or early 2011. PHEV buses can easily carry 200+ Kwh of batteries and recharge at quick charge stations at each end of their normal run + at dedicated charge points along the way to consume less fuel. The on-board diesel genset can operate at the most economical speed and does not have to be large.

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