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Ensyn Technologies and Tolko Industries to Build Largest Commercial Fast Pyrolysis Plant

Ensyn Technologies Inc., a leading developer of fast pyrolysis technology, and Tolko Industries Ltd., a Canadian forest products company, have formed a partnership to build the world’s largest commercial fast pyrolysis plant in High Level, Alberta. The partnership, High North BioResources Limited Partnership, will build and operate a plant capable of processing 400 bone-dry tonnes of biomass per day into 85 million (22.5 million gallons US) of pyrolysis oil annually.

This pyrolysis oil will be used to produce renewable energy in the form of electricity and heat that will be used in Tolko’s sawmill at High Level. The facility will also be capable of producing a renewable resin ingredient that can be used in the manufacture of wood panel products. High North will immediately commence the regulatory approval process for the project.

Ensyn formed Envergent Technologies, a joint venture in 2008, with UOP a Honeywell company to deploy Ensyn’s RTP (Rapid Thermal Process) technology globally as well as to develop a complementary technology to convert pyrolysis oil into transportation fuels. (Earlier post.)



I can't work this out:
'400 bone-dry tonnes of biomass per day into 85 million (22.5 million gallons US)'
400 tons/day is 146,000 tons/year
1 ton of oil is 317 US gallons, so at 100% efficiency that's 46 million gallons, so presumably the article should read something like, '400 tons of biomass a day converts to 85 THOUSAND tons a year, or around 22.5 million US gallons' - although I make it 27 million.


I think the sentence properly reads "85 million litres (22.5 million gallons US) of pyrolysis oil".

The use of pyrolysis oil to make resin is a big step up from boiler fuel. If glues, preservatives and coatings are all derived from the biomass stream, any non-renewable inputs are a full step removed (catalysts, machinery).


"Ensyn’s technology is currently utilized in seven commercial biomass processing plants in the US and Canada."

Every bit helps reduce oil usage. Renewable energy is a good use for fossil energy, there is a gain there so that is does not just go out the tailpipe nor out the smoke stack.

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