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Genencor Launches New, More Efficient Enzyme for Corn Ethanol Production

Genencor, a division of Danisco A/S, launched SPEZYME Robust Starch Liquefaction (RSL) at the 2010 Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo (FEW) in St. Louis, Mo. The latest in the company’s liquefaction product line, the enzyme more efficiently liquefies dry ground corn or milo, reducing costs and increasing yields for ethanol producers.

Unlike the conventional liquefaction enzymes, SPEZYME RSL breaks down starch efficiently across a range pH levels, substantially reducing the amount of sulfuric acid that is required to complete the liquefaction process, the company says.

In addition, while the current practice typically requires two pH adjustments and two enzyme doses, SPEZYME RSL is effective with just one dose and no pH adjustment. Actual cost savings will vary depending on the production facility; however, many ethanol producers can expect to see a 25 to 50% reduction in sulfuric acid usage with SPEZYME RSL.


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