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ISE Signs Exclusive Distribution and Supply Agreements with Maxwell for Ultracaps and Ultracap-based Energy Storage Systems

The ISE Ultra-E ultracapacitor-based energy storage module. Click to enlarge.

ISE Corp. has entered into two exclusive agreements with Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

First, ISE will source ultracapacitor cells for use in its ultracapacitor energy storage systems (ES Systems) exclusively from Maxwell through December 2011. Second, Maxwell will exclusively purchase from ISE ultracapacitor-based energy storage systems for sale or distribution by Maxwell and its affiliates into the heavy duty vehicle market through December 2011.

ISE’s Ultra-E ES System combines ISE’s energy storage system technology and Maxwell’s ultracapacitor cell technology. Included in the technology design is an intelligent battery management system that actively monitors each cell. The system is fully integrated with the following features:

  • Thermal management through active-liquid cooling
  • Pre-charge isolation management
  • High voltage and current sensing
  • Main contactors
  • System diagnostics and prognostics
  • Environmentally sealed to IP67 / IP6k9k specifications

The basic ISE ultracapacitor module is a liquid-cooled, 100 VDC, 0.1 kWh unit built with 48 ultracapacitor cells (Maxwell Boostcap 3000P). Capacitance is 62 F, total energy stored nominal is 105 Wh (peak 125 Wh). Rated power is 40 kW, and DC ESR is 16 mOhms. The units have a cycle life of 1 million (50% DoD).

The feature set enables the Ultra-E ES Systems to be interfaced with a range of high duty cycle applications around the world such as mining, heavy-duty trucking, rail, and smart grid energy/power management systems.


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