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Engineering News. South Africa-based Optimal Energy is considering using a battery-swap scheme with its Joule electric vehicle (earlier post). The car will be onsale in 2013.

In today’s pricing terms, South Africa’s Joule electric vehicle will sell at R235,000 to R285,000 [US$30,215 to US$36,644], with the battery, the most costly component of the car, leased at an additional R1,500 [US$193] a month, says Optimal Energy spokesperson Jaco van Loggerenberg.

...This means Joule buyers will not own the lithium-ion battery, but only the vehicle body. It also means that owners may be able to swap a depleted battery for a fully charged one in around a minute, instead of waiting for the battery to charge—if such a system is introduced along with the Joule.

Optimal Energy has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Germany-based EDAG, a German automotive full- service supplier, to industrialize the Joule. Optimal Energy has also signed an MoU with South-Korea-based EIG (earlier post) to explore the potential of setting up a manufacturing facility in South Africa for the nonexclusive supply of Li-ion battery cells to Optimal Energy.


Henry Gibson

Range extender engine generators???? ZEBRA batteries in very large automated production have very low costs because the material are cheap. Cheap lead batteries can be used for most electric range extended vehicles as proved by CALCARS and AC propulsion ten years before that. Leasing the battery was tried by TH!NK. When you buy oil you are paying for the well, pipeline, refinery and tank lorry in small chunks. A used automotive ZEBRA or Durathon battery can be used for the battery in a cogeneration UPS system to support the grid even. A whole battery does not need to be swapped to add distance. ..HG..


Whether it is battery swaps, quick charging, PHEV, FFV or any other method or all methods it is DOING it that counts. Pick methods that will work for your country, state, county, city and family and get with it NOW.

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