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Mitsuoka Motors Taking Orders for 5-Seater Based on i-MiEV EV

Mitsuoka Motor Co. has begun taking reservations for the Like, a 5-seat electric vehicle based on the i-MiEV from Mitsubishi Motors Corp; shipments are expected to begin in August.

Mitsuoka’s Like. Click to enlarge.

The Like has a total length of 3,570mm—175mm longer than the i-MiEV. Mitsuoka expanded the rear seat for three instead of two. The company made some modifications to the exterior design as well, adding metal-plated bumpers, for example.

The Like is priced at ¥4.28 million (US$47,000)—some ¥300,000 higher than the i-MiEV. The effective price is ¥3.14 million after the Japan government subsidy for electric vehicles is applied.



"Mitsuoka Like" A japanese phrase, loosly translated as "Batteries are too expensive".


Creating a demand for batteries could lower the price over time. The amount of lithium in a battery pack is not the major cost, it is the manufacturing that costs. With automated factories the price should come down. Will the same capacity battery bank cost half as much in 10 years? We will see.


Yes the price could be less than half as much for more than twice the energy density by 2020. Could even be 3x if patent rights can be sold e-bay style.


Meanwhile buy this little cockroach for a mere $47,000
. plus S & H
. while they last.

Will S

Bush's statement "Americans are addicted to oil" is confirmed yet again upon hearing one call this vehicle a 'cockroach'. Yes, the price is high, though the MiEV has come out at a high ticket price as well ($48k), with a target price of $22k by 2012;

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