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Report: Nissan To Ramp Up SUV Production In UK By 30%

The Nikkei reports that Nissan Motor Co. will add a third shift at its UK production line for sport utility vehicles, raising output 30% to nearly 24,000 units a month.

The automaker makes the Qashqai SUV at its Sunderland plant. The third shift will extend output through the night, helping to meet the robust demand for the Qashqai.

For all automakers, sales in Europe fell for the first time in 11 months in April, according to industry figures. But Nissan’s sales in Europe surged 41.8% on the year to 31,000 vehicles. Despite the uncertain outlook for the region’s economy, the company aims to go on the offensive with its popular models.



The Quashqai is a relatively small SUV compared to many huge US counterparts and is therefore relatively good on fuel, especially Diesel models. This is the same plant where the Nissan 'Leaf' will be developed.

This may be coincidence but I cannot help thinking how Quashqai sounds a lot like 'cash-cow' and it does a lot to describe how motorists are treated by the tax system in a lot of ways, especially in the UK.


Can a smaller SUV be designed to use the same amount of fuel as an equivalent (weight) car?


GM Chev Equinox seem to have done just that.

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