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Saft Presents New Li-ion Battery Concept for Military Armored Vehicles

Saft is unveiling Eurosatory 2010 a new Li-ion battery system concept designed specifically for starting and silent watch applications in armoured vehicles. Saft is also showcasing its range of energy storage solutions for conventional and hybrid military vehicles, as well as weapons systems and field power delivery applications, based on Li-ion, Super-phosphate and asymmetrical nickel capacitor technology.

The new Li-ion battery concept offers a high-performance alternative to conventional lead-acid batteries for armoured military vehicles. The 28 V battery system is designed to deliver large reserves of power for reliable engine starting, as well as supporting onboard electrical systems throughout the long periods of autonomous operation demanded by extended silent watch missions.

The use of Saft’s Li-ion technology offers a significant reduction in both the battery weight and onboard footprint, while also ensuring a long, fully-predictable service life.


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