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T3 Motion Debuts GT3 3-Wheel, Four-Tire EV

T3 Motion, Inc. has unveiled the GT3 plug-in electric vehicle. The proprietary rear-wheel design of the GT3 features a single, wide-stance wheel with two high-performance tires sharing one wheel. The two-tire design improves traction, stability and handling, while the low rolling resistance and rounded profile of the rear tires increase energy efficiency, according to the company.

The rear wheel and suspension. Click to enlarge.

The EV features a multi-link, dual-shock rear suspension. Due to its three-wheeled design, the GT3 is classified as a motorcycle.

The two-passenger GT3 is driven by an AC induction motor powered by an 18 kWh lithium-polymer pack. Top speed is 70 mph (113 km/h) and the expected range per charge is 80-100 miles. GT3 will be priced between $35,000 and $42,000.

T3 Motion currently offers the T3 Series electric standup vehicle and CT Micro Car. (Earlier post.)



Body extra..


Now if these had been available 2 years ago, how many would they have sold by now?


Awful gizmo!


Hopefully all 4 wheels and tires are of same size.
I was wondering why these 3 wheelers, having a significantly wider tire in the rear, do not use two smaller tires/wheels in the back, like rear wheels on trucks, so a single spare can replace any wheel.

Thomas Lankester

I see your point but most motorcycles do not carry a spare anyway. Looking at the photo, the front tyres are low profile and not compatible with the rear tyres.


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