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Tenneco and Sturman Industries Announce Joint Product Development Agreement

Tenneco Inc. and Sturman Industries have entered into a joint product development agreement to cooperate on designing a new generation of high performing ride control products. Under the agreement, Tenneco and Sturman will develop ride control damping systems that incorporate Sturman’s advanced digital valves and Tenneco’s expertise in adjustable damping technology.

Sturman Industries’ digital valve technologies deliver greater control to mechanical systems. The speed and efficiency of Sturman digital valves enable a new level of performance utilizing digital hydraulics, which combines the precision and control of electromagnetics and intelligent electronics with the high power density of hydraulics.

Tenneco is an industry leader in designing and developing innovative damping technologies to enhance a vehicle’s ride comfort, stability and handling. The new ride control products will leverage Sturman’s advanced digital valve technology to help deliver a greater degree of responsiveness to the shock absorber damping due to the consistency of the valve technology in enabling a faster and more controlled response.

The new ride control products will be especially suited for improving ride performance on high-volume vehicle platforms, cost-effectively. Tenneco anticipates initially introducing and commercializing the new technology in the US and European markets.


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