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New Major Oil Discovery in Angola Deep Offshore

An Eni-led consortium announced a new major oil discovery in Block 15/06 in the deep offshore of Angola.

The Cabaca South East-1 well, located at a depth of 470 meters (1,542 feet), at a distance of 100 km from the coast, successfully reached its multi-target objective in the deepest levels of Miocene age, where oil bearing reservoirs, with a total of 450 meters of gross thickness, have been proven.

Initial evaluations indicate that the discovery holds material volumes of oil in place of high quality, Eni said.

Cabaca South East-1 is the seventh of eight expected exploration wells within the contractual commitments of the license. The well has produced results beyond initial expectations and confirms the potential for a second productive hub in the North East area of the block. The current engineering studies and the activities prior to the development of the West Hub will provide guidance for the second production centre. Due to the synergies with the ongoing activities, the East Hub will double the production in Block 15/06.

Eni has a 35% working interest and is the Operator in Block 15/06, while Sonangol E&P is the Concessionaire. The other partners in the JV are Sonangol Pesquisa e Produção (15%), SSI Fifteen Limited (20%), Total (15%), Falcon Oil Holding Angola SA (5%), Petrobras International Braspetro B.V. (5%) and Statoil Angola Block 15/06 Award AS (5%).



Will the current Gulf of Mexico BP disaster help to convince operators to use safer methods to avoid much of the same over again and again?

Considering all deep seas reserves and the arrival of more efficient vehicles, airplanes and alternative fuels etc, the world may have enough fossil fuel for another 2+ centuries.


If they won't follow recommended safety practices off the coast of America it seems doubtful they would off the coast of Africa- but to be fair BP is in a class of their own when it comes to being a bad world citizen.


Of course they will avoid the 4 or 6 or ?? bonehead errors that BP made. Duh.

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