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GM Establishing Global Battery Electric Vehicle Demo Fleets

Speaking at the “Electrification - Plugging into the Future Forum” today at the SAIC-GM Pavilion at World Expo 2010 Shanghai, GM Vice President of Global Vehicle Engineering Karl Stracke announced that GM is establishing battery electric vehicle demo fleets in different regions around the world using different vehicles.

These demo fleets are intended to increase GM’s competitiveness in vehicle electrification by providing GM with real-world data on driving patterns, battery charging, market needs and customer acceptance while sharing costs and resources with supplier and government partners.

While GM is not yet announcing its partners, a GM spokesperson said that no other automakers are currently involved. Additional details about the battery-electric vehicle demo fleets will be announced in the future.



Why more GM EV demo fleets when they ignor paying customers and crush the vehicles/technology anyway?

Sanity Chk

They had such a delightful time crushing EV-1s that I think their secret plan is to do it again. Is GM suing someone somewhere for trying to mandate ZEVs? I'm sure Bob Lutz is working somewhere behind the scenes on this. . .

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