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LA Unified School District Orders 130 CNG School Buses from Thomas Built

Thomas Built Buses, Daimler Trucks North America’s (DTNA) school bus manufacturer, has received an order for 130 compressed natural gas (CNG) school buses—the biggest contract for natural gas buses in the company’s history—from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). The vehicles are scheduled to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The LAUSD transportation services division only accepts bids for buses operating on alternative fuels. The district currently operates the largest CNG bus fleet in California, with more than 300 natural gas buses.

Last month, Daimler Trucks North America delivered four medium-duty Freightliner Business Class M2 106 Hybrid trucks to the city of Denver. These aerial bucket trucks will be used for forestry, traffic signal, and traffic sign repair. In June, DTNA also announced the opening of the Local Hybrid Application Center at its Portland location. It will serve as a local competence center for the research and development of hybrid technology in North America and supplement Daimler Trucks’ Global Hybrid Center in Japan.



Good news!!!


Wouldn't CNG hybrid school buses (with a 20/30 Kwh battery) run even cleaner. School buses have plenty of time to recharge after the morning and afternoon runs. A much small CNG genset could be used.

Dave R

Yeah, they'd be cleaner, but a whole lot more expensive, too.

Diesels should be banned for school bus use - directly exposing young children to toxic diesel particulates is not good for their lungs or health.

At the very least they should have mandatory particulate filters, but even those don't stop the smallest damaging particulates.



Unfortunately, there's always a price to pay for improved products. Conversion from polluting fuel guzzlers to cleaner CNG is cheaper at the present time but electrification cost will go down in the near future. Small CNG gensets should not cost much when mass produced. Batteries capacity could be added latter when cost has gone down.

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