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Nissan’s US Roll-Out Plan for the LEAF

Nissan’s LEAF EV first will be available to consumers in December, in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Tennessee. These areas are home to The EV Project—the largest electric vehicle and infrastructure deployment yet undertaken. The EV Project is a result of a partnership with charging infrastructure provider ECOtality and partially funded by a grant from the US Department of Energy.

Customers in these first five launch states, who represent more than 55% of total Nissan LEAF reservations (currently approximately 17,000), will be able to place firm orders for the Nissan LEAF starting in August.

Nissan LEAF will be introduced to Texas and Hawaii shortly thereafter, in January 2011; North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina and Alabama follow in April 2011; and be rolled-out to the balance of the nation beginning in Fall 2011 with availability in all markets nationwide by the end of that year.

Consumers who have reserved the Nissan LEAF online will be invited to place orders through their dealer for the vehicle in advance of market roll-out timing, allowing time for consumers to select a dealer and assess home charging needs. Nissan is continuing to take reservations for the Nissan LEAF through its website, Interested consumers are encouraged to place a reservation, which entails a $99 fully refundable fee to secure a spot on the list to place an order.

The buyers. The reservations process has educated Nissan about more than just geographic distribution. Some information gleaned about potential future Nissan LEAF drivers includes:

  • Purchase time: About 67% of Nissan LEAF reservations holders have indicated that they'd be ready to purchase or lease a Nissan LEAF within one year of placing the reservation. An additional 24% indicated they would be ready in one to two years.

  • Home and Parking: About 75% of people who placed reservations own a single-family home. About 68% have attached garages, while an additional 18% have detached garages or carports. Home ownership and dedicated parking are important factors for Nissan LEAF drivers who plan to charge their vehicles at home.

  • Interests: Several primary interests are inspiring people to order a Nissan LEAF. Cited interests include energy independence (35 percent); environmental consciousness (34 percent); and cost/fuel economy (20 percent).

  • Favorite color: The favorite color of Nissan LEAF owners is blue. More than 30% of reservations are for blue Nissan LEAF electric cars. Silver is a close second, at about 26%. The remaining reservations are close to evenly split among red, black and white.

  • Trim level: About 75% of Nissan LEAF orders are for the SL trim level, which adds a rearview monitor, solar panel spoiler, fog lights, and automatic headlights.


The Goracle


This will be great for those who don't live in states with rolling brown-outs and don't want heat in their car in the winter (or pay the price in mileage and cost).

And, the price-gougers have already come out. Getting ready for high demand electricity users, my enlightened, leftist-run, close to bankrupt, county just QUADRUPLED it's energy tax. Yea!!! We are SOoooo smart!

When the thing will travel 400 miles on a charge and charge in five minutes at any local charging station, call me. In the mean time I'll keep driving my 50mpg, biodeisel fueled (unlike most of you, no EVIL, baby killing, petroleum for me!) VW.

Praise be to Crazed Poodle.



"introduced to Texas and Hawaii shortly thereafter"

It would be good for Hawaii if the had more renewable electricity. As long as they generate electricity burning oil, I do not see the point.

Dave R

Hawaii is working on installing a lot of new wind/solar energy...


A biodiesel Jetta pollutes worse than the gasoline version. Biodiesel competes with food. Biodiesel can't scale.

Dave K.

I get my Leaf in April, YEAH! Seriously Goracle why is this not great news? I almost never drive more than 60 miles in a day and when I do I will take my PHEV Prius. My family fuel consumption will be ~1/8th my pre electric number and here in Ga. most of our nighttime power will soon be 0 carbon nuclear.


Dave K is doing the right thing even if it doesn't please the few Goracles still around.

The Prius III won the fuel economy race against the Jetta diesel and runs much cleaner.


There is no pleasing the Goracles, they are the Grinches that stole everything. Doom, gloom, cynicism and hate are their M.O.

Praise be the Grinch.


Who in their right mind would pay $32K for a glorified golf cart? For $10K less you can get a real green car...a Prius or Honda hybrid and drive it around the whole world without having to stop and charge the battery. These cars charge their batteries for free with gravity, ie, going downhill! Both the Volt and Leaf will be a flop, only the Govco will buy them, especially the Volt as the CEO Obama, of GM, will order it and paid for with your hard earned tax dollars!

the doctor

the Leaf is built on an extended Versa platform, so its in the 3000lb range, probably 3400lbs. the key is that besides the $7500 fed rebate ( that GM negotiated), people in california get an additional $5k. so its roughly a $20k commuter car. Since the feds and california paid half of my solar power installation, the least I can do is take another $12.5k from them to get a new car. I can always drive my 911 on weekends and long trips.( The Honda just didnt have the right interior colors and I missed the big rebates on the Prius).


Rob - who in their right mind would pay $32K for a glorified golf cart? People that want to feel superior to everyone else - part of a movement....that is the American way!

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