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Later this week, the UK’s Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership will host the inaugural LowCVP Low Carbon Champion Awards, recognizing best recognize best practice in vehicle manufacturers, fuel suppliers, fleet operators and developers of products and services that reduce greenhouse gases from the road transport sector. The winners will be announced at the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) Annual Conference on 14 July.

A total of 22 companies and organizations have made the awards shortlist for seven different awards. The award categories and shortlisted groups are:

  • Buses Award. For the company or organization that has positively influenced the market for low carbon buses through their manufacture, operation or other activity.
    Shortlist: Alexander Dennis Ltd; Go Ahead London; TfL London Bus Services

  • Fuel Supplier or Retailer Award. The organization that has done the most to bring forward low carbon sustainable fuel technology or the supply of sustainable low carbon fuels into the market.
    Shortlist: Gasrec; Greenergy Fuels

  • Innovation Award. To the SME, start-up, academic or other small organization or business, that has brought forward the most promising technology for reducing vehicle carbon emissions.
    Shortlist: Intelligent Energy; Gordon Murray Design; Oxford Yasa Motors, Controlled Power Technologies

  • Low Carbon Road Transport Programme Award. For the organization running or managing the most effective consumer or business-facing programme to stimulate low carbon vehicle or fuels uptake or more efficient fleet management or driving practices. This includes both publicly and privately funded programs.
    Shortlist: Department for Transport; Leaseplan UK

  • Road Freight Award. For the company or organization that has most positively influenced the manufacture of low carbon commercial vehicles or operation of a low carbon freight fleet. This may be through bringing innovative technology to market or through its enthusiastic and effective adoption. It encompasses both technology and other techniques leading to lower carbon operation.
    Shortlist: Commercial Group; Iveco; Smith Electric Vehicles

  • Special Award. For the outstanding individual, NGO, community group or academic organization that has made the greatest contribution to the achievement of the low carbon road transport agenda.
    Shortlist: Ali Clabburn (founder of liftshare); One North East; TheGreenCar Website; Blake Ludwig (We are Futureproof)

  • Low Carbon Car Communication Award. For the manufacturer or retailer that has done the most in the last year to communicate to consumers the benefits of low carbon choices through advertising, marketing, labelling, sales or other activity that promotes the purchase of low carbon vehicles.
    Shortlist: BMW, Mitsubishi Motors, THINK Global and Vauxhall

Now in its seventh year, the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) Annual Conference 2010 is the UK’s largest independent conference for low carbon transport. This year’s event will see Transport Minister Norman Baker deliver the Government’s first major speech on low carbon transport.


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