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Lincoln to Price MKZ Hybrid at Parity with Gasoline Model

Lincoln’s new MKZ Hybrid (earlier post) will be priced the same as its conventional gas sibling when it goes on sale this fall, with an MSRP starting at $35,180, including destination and delivery.

The 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Click to enlarge.

As a comparison, the 2011 Lexus HS 250h Standard—which Ford uses as the MKZ Hybrid’s closest competition—carries an MSRP of $35,100; the premium model for 2011 carries an MSRP of $37,870. The 2011 HS 250h models go on sale this fall as well.

Lincoln is the first automaker to offer luxury customers a premium hybrid vehicle with an MSRP that matches its conventional gas version.

The 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid uses the company’s second-generation hybrid technology—including the 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle I-4 hybrid engine, named one of Ward’s 2010 10 Best Engines. The MKZ Hybrid can operate in electric vehicle mode at speeds up to 47 mph.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid delivers a 41 mpg fuel economy rating in the city, topping the 2010 Lexus HS 250h by 6 mpg.


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Elsewhere I read that “The exception is power; the hybrid system's 191 horsepower is 27 percent less than the regular V6 model's 263 ponies. As compensation, though, hybrid buyers will get a dual gas-electric powertrain that delivers significantly better fuel economy - the hybrid is EPA-rated at 36 mpg city/41mpg highway, versus 18/27 for the front-wheel-drive V6 model.”

It is going to be interesting to see what consumers choose when they are given this choice between 30% more power or over 60% better fuel economy at the same price.

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With an all-electric top speed of 47 MPH, this car could run all day in taxi service in major cities without cranking the engine. All it needs is a big enough battery for PHEV operation. Would the fuel savings be enough to pay for such a conversion?


It's so ugly (front end).

For that money one can buy a much nicer car.


Yes, this is going to be a very interesting choice to make between the ICE and HEV version at the same price. We shall soon see if the majority really wants to reduce fuel consumption.

The fuel consumption for the HEV model is amazingly low for a large heavy vehicle. A good hand to Ford.

Yes. doubling the battery capacity would make it a wonderful PHEV. That could happen soon when batteries energy density is doubled and price is reduced by 50% (Ref: recent DOE's report on near and mid-term EV/batteries) .


There could be a marketing factor. Customers sense that when you have two of everything in a hybrid, it will cost more. Now they are told that it sells for the same as a V6, which could lead some to believe that they are being overcharged for the V6. You have to be careful with pricing decisions.


We all know that 191 horsepower is more than enough, and the torque of the electric motor might make the hybrid feel more powerful and smooth than the V6 model's 263hp.

It has an all-electric top speed of 47 MPH, but for how far?

With 36 mpg city/41mpg highway, versus 18/27, I assume it must have enough batteries. . ?

Ugly? Not.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

A LOT depends on how smooth this Lincoln is. A lot.


They went for the retro look of a 1930s Lincoln Zephyr grill.

I kind of like it.

richard schumacher

Raw HP is a dullard's measure. What matters is the 0-60 time: 7.5 seconds is pretty hot. With 41 MPG who cares how it gets there?


Some EVs are 0 to 60 in 18 seconds. People DO care when they are getting on a freeway on ramp.


We're talking about the MKZ hybrid. If you want to talk about a Zap Xebra or converted Geo Metro, please find the appropriate thread. Thank you.


We're talking about the MKZ hybrid as it relates to acceleration here, bub.

Why are you talking about the Zap Xebra or converted Geo Metros, please find the appropriate thread. Thank you.


EP needs a BM, he is a bit cranky.

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