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Toyota Begins Short-Term Renting of Plug-in Prius in Nagasaki Prefecture

Toyota Motor Corporation has begun short-term rental of the Plug-in Prius (Prius PHV) from a Toyota rental and leasing company in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan. (Earlier post.)

Two vehicles will be available in the city of Goto. Rental fees will be:

  • ¥8,400 (US$96) for up to six hours
  • ¥9,450 (US$108) for up to 12 hours
  • ¥11,550 (US$131) for up to 24 hours
  • ¥9,450 (US$108) for each additional day

The Prius PHV can be recharged from a household power supply, and offers electric range of 23.4 km (14.5 miles) on the JC08 cycle.



This may be an exorbitant price but who wouldn't pay $100 for a one full day trial of a very first generation Prius PHEV before buying one?




You can't compare prices for hire cars in different countries - they vary a a lot.
For a day the rate is typically 10,000 Yen for a mid-size car, and 15,000 for a full size car:

So there is nothing at all out of the way in the pricing.


And with petrol in Japan at $5.50 US gallon the Prius might prove a wise choice! :-)

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