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Toyota Prius Sales in Europe Reach 200,000 Units

The Toyota Prius has reached 200,000 units in sales in Europe after 10 years on the market there. Toyota expects global sales of the Prius to exceed two million by the autumn of 2010.

The Prius was launched in 2000 to the European market. Sales there reached 100,000 in 2008 and doubled to 200,000 in two more years.

The UK has remained one of the leading European markets for Prius, accounting for more than one in five Prius sold in Europe. This year’s sales to date are 6,579 units, almost equaling the 2009 figure in six months.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. (TMUK) recently held a line-off ceremony today to mark the start of production of the Auris Hybrid (earlier post). TMUK will produce 30,000 Auris Hybrids annually, with sales of the vehicle beginning on 1 July. Plans call for the vehicle to be sold in 32 European countries.



Good news for Toyota Prius sales. Doubling sales in 2 years is excellent and is a clear demonstration that EU appreciates the quality and fuel economy of the Prius III. Wonder if the smaller Auris Hybrid will sell as well.


That's about 1.5%.

(Auto sales in the EU are about 14 million.
The Toyota Prius has reached 200,000 units.)

With sky high gas prices.

That's not so hot.

Batteries are too expensive.


Sales were 14 M in EU what year? Before the GFC no doubt.


I think credit where it is due. The Prius established a real market for alternative energy vehicles and none of us GCC geeks should forget it. It was Prius and those who helped it gain market share over the years that have opened the gateway to mass productions EVs.

Good on Toyota.


200,000 vehicles is a very low number. By normal standards of the largest car manufacturer in the world, this should be considered as a disaster. This clearly shows how difficult it is to sell hybrids in Europe, where we have the competition by diesel cars. In some countries, 80% of the Prius sales are company cars, i.e. private car owners are not prepared to pay the higher price of a hybrid. Nice for Toyota that Prius sold better on other markets...

The approach by European manufacturers seems to be to offer hybrid drive systems in premium cars (Merc, BMW, VW and Porsche). These then become even more expensive and without reach for most customers. Thus, it will be interesting to see how the new Toyota Auris hybrid will sell. In this case, we can compare with conventional drive system in the same car, which is not possible in the Prius case.


The Prius is 50-100% more expensive here in Europe compared to American prices mainly due to the EU import tariff (40%).

It is a miracle that 200K has been sold.

I believe the Auris hybrid will stand a much better chance since it is assembled within the EU free-market zone (in the UK, I believe).


Whenever I go out I notice about one prius for every minute I travel.


Year to date new car sales in Europe in June 2010 were 1,341,092, said the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

Prius is 1.5% of sales because it is an inadequte design?

Of course not - it is universally acclaimed as THE excellent design.

Because the Prius is unproven; new on the market?


Because gas is too cheap in Europe?. Ha; NO.

GM billboards are brainwashing them into craving puckups, SUVs and Hummers?
LOL - I don't THINK so.

The EVs time has not come and putting more on the roads will help only a little.

Sadly, batteries are still too expensive.


The Prius is just 1.5% of sales because it is just 1 model from 1 manufacturer. The information that the "Prius is 1.5% of sales" tells me nothing by itself: If the Prius was one of a hundred models to choose from 1.5% would mean it's selling above its share of the market.


Bear in mind it is competing against high millage diesel and more efficient petrol vehicles. In most cases the main family vehicle will be a diesel estate car, good millage commuting and enough room to cart the family around.


I am not impressed with the market penetration of hybrids in Europe. Maybe the lack of success is the reason why other manufacturers do not follow this path. One would expect that HEVs should gain more interest before PHEVs could become popular. This is not necessarily the case but this development would seem logic to me. At this stage, I am very sceptical to the market opportunity for PHEV/BEV in the near future. In contrast, I would not be surprised if HEV sales would start to increase.


Years ago they reported that the Prius sales in London were very low. With all the taxes on fuel, one would think they would be selling well. This is a point that advocates of higher fuel taxes to promote efficiency might consider.


Want to know the real reason the Euros are buying diesels instead of Prius(s)?

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