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PG&E First to Receive Two Raser EREV Fleet Trucks by End of 2010

PG&E will receive two EREV (extended range electric vehicle) fleet trucks modified with Raser’s E-REV powertrain for initial testing and demonstration before the end of 2010. (Earlier post.)

The extended range electric pick-up truck features a 40-mile all-electric range, with an additional 300 miles of extended range delivered via its small onboard gasoline-powered generator.

Raser says it plans to offer its E-REV powertrain in both GM and Ford models. With a backlog of more than 10,000 soft orders for plug-in fleet vehicles already, Raser plans to begin limited delivery to other fleets for field testing as early as 2011. Raser also plans to offer its E-REV powertrain in popular SUV models in the near future.

In June, Raser and Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the joint development of renewable energy and electric vehicles. The agreement sets forth the first phase of commercial production of electric fleet vehicles utilizing HHI’s high tech engineering and manufacturing capability and Raser’s extended range electric vehicle powertrain technology. (Earlier post.)



Excellent idea to reduce liquid fuel consumption of current gas guzzlers. The e-range could be progressively increased, for further fuel savings, as batteries performance increase.


Fleet trucks are a good target. I looked at the numbers for F150 upgrades and they did not pan out. Individual buyers may still want a V8, even though most of the trucks seldom if ever do any work.

Henry Gibson

A single piston NOAX hydraulic pump in a hydraulic hybrid that can accelerate faster than a V8 just does not have the same appeal. Perhaps Raser will get the costs of the electric systems down; otherwise the use of motors and generators with brushes but lower costs should be considered. ..HG..

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