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Tesla Announces Roadster 2.5

Tesla Motors announced Roadster 2.5, the latest generation of its electric sports car. It will debut simultaneously with the opening of Tesla’s two new stores in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Newport Beach, California.

New features in Roadster 2.5 include:

  • A new look, which includes a new front fascia with diffusing vents, and rear diffuser reflecting the future of Tesla design.
  • Directional forged wheels available in both silver and black.
  • New seats with improved comfort, larger more supportive bolsters and a new lumbar support system.
  • Power control hardware that enables spirited driving in exceptionally hot climates.
  • An optional 7” touchscreen display with back-up camera.
  • Improved interior sound reduction including new front fender liner material make the cabin even quieter.

The enhancements in the Roadster 2.5 are the direct result of accumulated customer feedback, the company said. More than 1,200 current owners in at least 23 countries have logged more than five million electric miles.



I was hoping they would start shipping battery packs with the new Panasonic cells that have about 10% more capacity.

I like that they are incrementing the designation like software instead of with an annual model number. They don't make enough vehicles for the model year to be important, and they really should improve the design as soon as technology becomes available to accentuate their differentiation.


The high end flash products like this 2.5 Roadster fire the imagination of the general public. Tesla and their successful IPO are proving that innovation is even more powerful than cartel influences. Thanks to the vision of the Tesla team, we are well on our way to the electrification of transportation on Earth.

A small step becoming a giant leap. Prudes need not apply.

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