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GM to Boost Volt US Production Capacity by 50% to 45,000 Units in 2012

Due to what it termed “strong public interest” in the Chevrolet Volt, General Motors will increase US production capacity of the Volt by 50%, from 30,000 units to 45,000 units, in 2012.

The announcement came as US President Barack Obama toured the Detroit-Hamtramck facility, where the Volt is being produced now for sale later this year.

This week, participating Chevrolet dealers in launch markets began taking customer orders for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, following the release of retail and lease pricing. (Earlier post.) GM recently increased the number of US launch markets for the vehicle from three to seven. In the past few weeks, more than 25,000 people have joined the Chevrolet Volt enthusiast list.

The Detroit-Hamtramck plant received $336 million in new investment to prepare for production of the Volt, part of more than $700 million GM has invested in eight Michigan facilities to support Volt production since 2008. This includes a 33,000 square-foot battery systems lab in Warren; a battery assembly facility in Brownstown Township; and supporting engine and stamping operations in Grand Blanc, Bay City, and three plants in Flint.



I really hope the Volt is a smash hit - Obama needs a feather in his cap, not another ball and chain.


I remember when the Volt was first announced, I think this site set a new record for the number of comments. 100s of thousands of people went to the Volt site and said they wanted one. Now we will get to see how many actually buy or lease one.


While electrification IS a major part of the Obama agenda, he has accomplished changes that other admins have only dreamnt about (bank reform, health insurance, energy manufacturing.)

IF the green world, including the claimed science consensus on global warming REALLY want to see change - they will enthusiastically support ALL moves toward electrification of transport. That means supporting the Cheverolet VOLT, the Leaf, Prius, Tesla, and forthcoming EVs of all stripes.

Now is the time to put away petty differences about ideology and markets and politics and get behind the introduction of vehicles whose success will positively affect every human being on the planet.

VOLT is the first US-made mass market EV (EV1 was not). Even if you dislike GM, USA, Chevy, free markets, etc, etc. Supporting these EVs in the early stages is important to reaching the green goals all CLAIM to want. If we want a transition away from oil energy - NOW's the time to pony up for a Leaf or Volt lease and start demonstrating what the future looks like.

Asked and received. Thanks to the good engineering skills behind these new EVs.


GM and Chevy did a great job on this one in a relatively short period of time for such a new design. They are to be congratulated, they deserve it. Now, if businesses lease these for sales people by the 1000s, they will be in business.

Multi-Modal Commuter Dude (formerly known as Bike Commuter Dude)

@ejj: You couldn't be more correct. I have no doubt the car shall be a success to rival the Prius.

@Reel$$: Good engineering is right. The people on the business side hardly deserve the credit; they would not have been able to put this thing together is a million years without some insanely smart engineers.

@SJC: I WISH businesses would lease these things by the thousand, but I fear it may never happen. Despite all the formidable engineering and world-saving technology, the Volt has yet to prove itself on a balance sheet. A few early adopters aside, our only chance for mega-rapid introduction is governmental appropriations. Perhaps if GM is able to launch a small cargo van with the Volt's skateboard underneath, the United States Postal Service would consider the big bucks for a fleet.


Maybe not GM's balance sheet, but companies with sales forces still have to buy their fuel and when you can cut that fuel bill in half, it makes sense.


@Multi-modal: Governmental appropriations don't have to be the way forward for mass adoption of renewables....elimination of corporate taxes & the capital gains tax on renewable energy companies would solve the renewable energy / energy independence problem almost overnight.



radical as that sounds - you may be right. Handing over liberal expense and tax credits to big fleet buyers of EVs would also help. Fleets ARE a fast way to adopt a new technology - it has worked for Prius taxi fleet owners.

But the individuals who want to save enviro and dollars should be encouraged to simply take the new EVs for a test drive. Ever see the look on a ICE owner's first EV drive?? The silence from EV powertrains speaks to the low to zero pollutants, zero gas use and future trips to gas stations. Clean, quiet electric propulsion "speaks" for itself.


I don't remember a big announcement when they cut 2012 production from 60k to 30k units. Was that due to "weak public interest"?

I hope the Volt is successful but I'm still dismayed by the $41k price. LEAF plus range-extending trailer rental is looking like a more mainstream solution.


ejj- How does Obama get credit for the volt? Bush gets credi/blame (depending on who you are) for TARP (which bailed out GM)... The volt is a reaction to Bush's energy policy of 2005.

I don't like Bush,but come on... Obama was a state senator when GM started developing this thing!


Senator Obama was advocating helping GM with their health care in exchange for them making better more fuel efficient cars. Bush favored increasing CAFE on pickup trucks and large SUVs .5 mpg in 5 years.

The $7500 tax credit was done without much bipartisan support. I think the record is clear who has supported renewable energy and fuel efficiency. This is one issue where the wrong wing has been on the wrong side from the beginning.


Let's not forget the $350/month lease w/option to buy. within reach of many new car buyers and about the same cost as the Leaf lease.

Why buy a new tech car when you can lease it knowing any failures will be promptly covered by warranty AND lease provisions. With expected high residual value, the ER-EV can afford lower monthly lease payments. Conversely if you buy you have high resale value lowering overall cost of ownership.

Either way, these cars will sell out in their first year.


The lease is a sweet deal, I hope they sell all they can make. This would be a good come back story for the American auto industry.

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