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Nissan Exec Predicts Global Auto Sales of 70M This Year; Market Led by China

Xinhua. Nissan expects global auto sales to reach 70 million units this year, as China continues to lead the new car market, according to Dr. Andy Palmer, Senior Vice President and Executive Committee member of Nissan Motor.

China became Nissan’s second-largest market in 2009, Palmer said.

In 2009, global auto sales only reached 60.99 million units due to the global economic downturn, according to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA).

Sales of Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti in China hit 5,113 units in the first half year, more than double from a year earlier, said Palmer, adding that sales for the entire year could exceed 10,000 units, second only to the United States market.



If China keeps having 60 mile long traffic jams like they had this past week, people may think twice about buying cars and use alternatives bikes & public transportation.


e-bikes also create traffic jams in many very large cities in China. Countries with very large population and mega-cities will have to implement more massive electrified public transport systems. Subways, tramways and large e-buses may be required to replace many private vehicles and even e-bikes. Otherwise, over 50% of the area may be required for roads and streets while potential traffic jams would still exist.


China will come to face the reality of too many cars very soon. This should be obvious and they will have to find ways to transport people without 100s of millions of cars. The people that can afford cars will not like that, so we may be in for some interesting times ahead.

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