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First Drivable Chevy Volts Arrive in China

The first drivable Chevrolet Volts have arrived in China; China is one of the initial markets outside the United States to receive the Volt. The extended range electric vehicle will go on sale locally next year.

GM delivered two Chevrolet Volts to the Shanghai Expo Bureau for use as part of its VIP transportation fleet at World Expo 2010 Shanghai. The Volt will shuttle special guests to and from Shanghai’s Expo Park.

The Volt will be available in China with the OnStar in-vehicle safety, security and communication service. Chevrolet and OnStar developed the smartphone application system that will allow Volt owners to set the charge time, start their vehicle, track mileage, unlock doors and much more from a smartphone or home computer on a 24/7 basis.



GM Volt and Toyota Prius (PHEVs) will both try to compete with locally produced electrified vehicles in China. This will be very positive and force local manufacturers to come up with high quality PHEVs and BEVs, (for local and export markets) in the near future.

By 2015, worldwide auto sales may be (once more) very close to 100 M/year. There will be plenty of room for millions of PHEVs and BEVs.


Another drawback of the Chevy Volt is that it is still a Chevy. Maybe GM sales are so strong in China is that they are used to things breaking down on a regular basis.

GM will have to show me a 10yr track record of across the board solid quality before I give them any money again.


There may be lots of Chinese companies competing, but the status factor comes into play. More affluent Chinese favor what they consider good value and high quality. On a relative basis they may prefer a GM product.


Looks like GM China will continue booming as they understand as the US market has that some imports are far better quality than domestic brands.


Reel$$. We went through the same process during the last 30+ years and GM local market share went down from 60+% to somewhere below 20%. Will the same thing happen in China or will GM find ways to increase the quality of their products?

Meanwhile, Japan and German vehicles have reached higher quality and Korea is not far behind.

Ford may be trying harder to improve their products.

Time will determine what Volts will be like, quality wise.

We know that Prius PHEVs will be top.


GM had the chance with PNGV cars in 1999, but chose to go back to producing large SUVs. Toyota and Honda watched and went ahead to make HEVs. Who's fault is that? I would say that it was the fault of GM management. You can lead an executive to a solution, but you can not make them think.

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