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Nissan Signs Zero-Emission Partnership With Kagoshima Prefecture to Promote Development of a CO2-Free Island

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Kagoshima Prefecture signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly embark on the “Development of a CO2-Free Island” project to create an advanced low-carbon society on Yakushima Island.

Japan’s first World Heritage Site, Yakushima Island is home to some of the country’s oldest trees—the oldest of which may be more than 7,000 years old—and has abundant hydropower.

The partnership will primarily focus on promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) on the island and creating an environment where people can safely drive EVs and utilize renewable energy.

Already, Kagoshima Prefecture has offered a purchase incentive for EVs. The prefecture is providing subsidies for installation of chargers, while Nissan has started a project to analyze how to install chargers optimally using drive data analysis technology.

The widely varied topography of Yakushima Island will offer a setting to conduct studies on further refining the navigation system for EVs to more precisely factor in road gradient. A study on utilization of electricity generated by EVs also will be conducted.

Nissan and Kagoshima Prefecture believe the Development of a CO2-Free Island project will be a study in best practices for similar countries and regions throughout the world. They hope to establish a working model for the wide-spread adoption of EVs on remote islands.



There is very good potential for this to provide a pattern for island communities.
Looking at the map, nearby Tanegashima island would make a good cadidate, and there are a number of other nearby islands of similar size.


The LEAF is perfect for islands, especially one like Yakushima with a huge hydro resource. Not so sure about Hawaii, which ships in diesel to run generators.


Excellent idea and a very good location selection.
Many more should similar places do the same soon.


Hmmm. Great thought, but of questionable nomenclature. How can any terrestrial biosphere be "CO2 Free?" This again points to the unfortunate disconnect between the lapsed climate campaign and the pragmatic need to adopt renewable energy.

Not a big disconnect, but one in need of focus simply because far more humans understand oil addiction and its costs than climate. Broadly accepted messages are far more successful than narrow ones.

But excellent idea. If Hawaii doesn't do it first.


I think Japan understands the nature of importing oil. Perhaps CO2 emissions free might be a better phrase. Some will say that it takes fossil fuels to produce solar panels and EVs, so that is suppose to put an end to that idea...not really.

Lawrence Weisdorn

Putting all the naysayers aside, this is still a great step in the right direction. It is initiatives such as this that might finally help us break our addiction to fossil fuels.


Might is the key word. There seems to be a belief that if one group does this then others might say "why don't we do that?" I am not sure that will put it over the top any time soon. I am glad they are doing this, but it may take more powerful primal forces to close the deal.

Henry Gibson

Humans are the cause of a great increase in the release of CO2 from fossil and renewable sources. This puffery about zero CO2 in various localities does not consider all of the CO2 release in the manufacturing of the goods used by local people and the CO2 released in other areas to provide services to those people. Much CO2 is released by the operation of central governments. The demand for lower CO2 release by environmentalists who also oppose nuclear power whilst forgetting that the sun is nuclear and all people plants and animanls have always been radioactive, are shortening the life span of many people by preventing the recovery of the world economy. Face it! reducing CO2 production will destroy the economy of many places and lead to the demise of many people which will clearly reduce the release of CO2 effectively even more. Eliminate people and you will eliminate CO2 release! or visa versa. ..HG..


Henry, you are so off the mark, I never know where to start, so I won't.


The industrial world can learn how to be CO2 and pollution neutral without hardship as it transitioned from horses and buggies to ICE vehicles and as it will transition once more form ICEs to BEVs.

We do not have to pollute everything we touch in order to progress. Look at what we have done to our lakes and rivers. Look at what Tar Sands mining is doing to Alberta's landscape. Look a what coal mining and burning has done and is still doing to the environment.

There are many better ways to live and survive in good health.

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